Windows Phone Progress in Latest Kantar Numbers

Kantar World Panel have released their market share figures for the three months covering the start of May 2015 to end of July. As you may know I take a keen interest in the performance particularly of Windows Phone, which sees a lot of positives, year on year increases in all markets except Japan, and growth month on month in nine out of the 10 markets covered in this report. We even see Microsoft get off the mark in Japan, a country which has so far been exclusively iOS and Android.


The graph above looks at these latest figures against last month. Most noticeable is France where it has grown 3.9 points to 12.6%. Despite the 0.4 drop in Germany, Windows Phone has gone up 1.1 points in EU5, which combines the 5 European markets in the table. Microsoft see the most success in Italy, where it has grown 0.3 to 14.5%, in front of iOS. One market to note is China, where Microsoft’s OS grew a whole point to 1.5%, still low but doubling it’s share from a month ago.


Above is the table in full from Kantar, worth noting that Windows only negative market on a month to month basis actually did very well year on year, growing 4 points to 10.1% France increased nearly as much, 3.9 point increase to 12.6%. And before Microsoft start celebrating 0.1% market share in Japan after being on 0.0 for the past few months they may notice that this is the only market covered that decreased year on year, down from 0.5 12 months ago.

We will keep our eyes on these figures, particularly with a new mobile OS approaching it’s launch along with new flagship hardware, there is reason to be optimistic looking at these figures.

Looking at these numbers overall show Android taking a hit in many markets,

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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