Lumia 950 and 950XL heading to AT&T (and T-MobileUS)?

We may finally have some details on carrier availability of Microsoft’s upcoming flagships

Recent leaks have given us the best look at Microsoft’s new flagships the Lumia 950 and 950 XL (there’s confusion on the numbering, so we’ll just stick with this). While many may find the devices too generic-looking, there’s no doubt that Microsoft is putting their all into these phones, packing in some of the latest specs to match some of the best smartphones this year. Of course, selling a phone is easier when you have more carriers on board (and sufficient marketing efforts, but that’s another story). Recent reports are divulging some details on the availability of these devices in the US.


According to NokiaPowerUser, both headsets should see a release on AT&T in early November, while T-MobileUS has predictably signed up to carry one of them, most likely the cheaper and smaller 950. There have been reports that Verizon has no plans to carry either flagship, and nothing has been mentioned of Sprint.


As we know, the US is a very important market for Microsoft, where it has trailed at a mere 3%. Getting their devices onto more carriers is important for the company, a feat that others like Samsung and Apple seem to achieve very easily. Microsoft has stated that it will work on carrier relations, and we’ve seen a little of that with Sprint offering its first Lumia late last year. Lately though, it seems that things may be slipping, with T-Mobile phasing out the Lumia 640 after just 2 months and a somewhat shaky relationship with Verizon and the Lumia Icon (they currently only offer the Lumia 735 now).


Hopefully these reports about Verizon are not true, as having the devices available on the largest US network would definitely help sales. And hopefully Sprint’s recent foray into Lumia-land has the carrier yearning for more.

Source: NokiaPowerUser

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