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Following our recent Misfit Flash review and prior to our upcoming review of the Misfit Shine, Misfit have released a new product, or more correctly a repackage of the Misfit Flash with a price reduction.

New Misfit Flash Link Hardware

This ‘new’ product version, namely Misfit Flash Link, equates to the Misfit Flash without the sports wrist-strap and a 1/3 price drop from $29.99 to $19.99 in the US.

The premise that Misfit present for this new option is that it is focused on the user modifiable remote control functionality of the Misfit Flash smart button rather than its activity and sleep tracking capability.

Although the wrist-band from the standard Misfit Flash product is not included with the Misfit Flash Link the clip is, and it holds the tracker securely to any thickness of clothing. The good news is the lack of the wrist-band is associated with an impressive price reduction meaning that you can now purchase an activity and sleep tracker, waterproof up to 30 metres with the ability to remotely control other devices/apps via two smart button-press-combinations (double press and triple press) for less than $20.

A quick trip to our Misfit Flash review identifies that we found the Misfit Flash excellent value with its original $39.99 price tag, making the Misfit Flash Link option unbelievable value.

New Misfit Flash Link mobile app

Along with the release of the Misfit Flash Link hardware, Misfit released a new Misfit Link app, initially solely for iOS, although we have been advised that an Android version will release before the end of August 2015. Sadly there is currently no timeline for a Windows Phone app variant.

One thing to note is that the new Misfit Link app brings nothing new to the Misfit Shine as it does not have a smart button, relying on tapping to interface instead. Also, the current Misfit app on Windows Phone does not support Misfit Flash smart button programming so this article is solely directed at iOS and Android users unless you want a ridiculously cheap clip on Activity and Sleep tracker.

This new app will not replace the current Misfit app of iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but will focus on the two and three smart button press remote control functionality of the Misfit Flash with the current Misfit app continuing to focus on activity and sleep tracking and the social (Facebook) competition relating to this. We have not managed to find out if the smart button control set-up capability of the current Misfit app will be removed to avoid duplication.

Although we have not had the chance to play with the new Misfit Link app on iOS the currently available information states that it can be used to manage multiple devices, whereas the current Misfit app can only interact with one Misfit Flash at a time, requiring the user to select and associate the specific device.

Although the current Misfit app enables the assignment of Misfit Flash double and triple press combinations to the control of the Spotify, Yo!, Harmony Home Hub and iFTTT apps on Android the Misfit Link app adds the ability to control music playback, take selfies, control presentations, along with the standard activity and sleep tracking functionality.

One thing we have noted from the above images is that the Misfit Link app adds two more smart button press combinations resulting in the following complete set:

  1. Single short press
    1. Music – Play & Pause
    2. Selfie – Take Picture
    3. Presentation – Next Slide
    4. Activity – Time & Progress
  2. Double short press
    1. Music – Next
    2. Selfie – Unused
    3. Presentation – Previous Slide
    4. Activity – Unused
  3. Triple short press
    1. Music – Back
    2. Selfie – Unused
    3. Presentation – Unused
    4. Activity – Unused
  4. [NEW] Single long press
    1. Music – Volume Up
    2. Selfie – Burst Pictures
    3. Presentation – Black Out
    4. Activity – Tag Activity
  5. [NEW] Single long press + Single short press
    1. Music – Volume Down
    2. Selfie – Unused
    3. Presentation – Unused
    4. Activity – Unused

We are looking forward to the end of August when we will test and review the Android version of the Misfit Link app.


This new Misfit Flash Link packaging variant of the Misfit Flash is even more of a bargain than the original providing an Activity Tracker with Sleep tracking for less than $20. In our eyes a 1/3 price drop is worth the loss of the wrist-band if you want to spend as little as possible.

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