Free App Friday!! Quick Games I Can’t Put Down

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Alright it’s Friday and I have spent the week playing these games and while they all take less then 1 minute to play they have consumed most of my week.  These are quick games so this will be a short post.

Ready?? and Go!

One More Line

one more

ONE MORE LINE is a highly addictive, one button, space disco, skill timing game!
Created by Sydney based developers SMG Studio. 
It's a quick 30 second games and it's awesome download here! 



Swing your arm like no one is watching!

Climb an infinite, forever changing ladder. Find a safe path through the obstacles using 
power ups to help you along the way! But use them wisely!

It's a line it's a dot don't ask questions just download it! 

Watch Out!™


WATCH OUT! The big guy needs to jump to keep them safe!!


Umm kinda it now and find out!!