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Welcome to Monday!  Need some help keeping yourself organized and staying productive this week?   Check these work friendly apps to help you make through your work/school week.

Perfect Note


Clean, smart design, and easy-to-use Note app that helps you organize perfectly 
all your tasks, work projects and personal to-dos !

Featured included:
* Create tasks and ideas organized by priority
* Mark items as complete to track your progress/productivity
* Set Reminders for items with repeat.
* Break ideas down in to smaller pieces and add detailed text and contacts 
(to call or send sms, email).
* Re-organize, share and delete items or sub-items.
* Simple, intuitive interface allows you to capture you ideas quickly and easily.
* 16 Unique and beautiful color themes.

Download Here

Power Planner (Homework Planner)



Power Planner is the ultimate homework planner for Windows Phone! With live tiles,
 automatic reminders, multiselect lists, a grading system, and online sync, Power 
Planner has it all!

Features include:
 - Live tiles show homework/schedule
 - Online sync with Windows 8.1 app
 - Class schedule (supports two week)
 - Calculate your GPA and grades
 - Attach pictures to items
 - Automatic reminders
 - Multiple semesters/years

The main tile displays your upcoming homework assignments and exams, so you don't even
 need to open the app!

You can also pin the Schedule Tile, which tells you where and when your next class is.

Plus, Power Planner has automatic reminders for all your homework assignments, which 
are intelligently scheduled around your class times.

And it has full online sync with a Windows 8.1 app!

Download Here 

Work Hours Management


Simple app that will help you keep tabs on when your work. Work hours management
is an application that allows you to register your attendance time and leave time 
every day. 
It allows you to check the work hours day by day for a specific month.

Download Here

Fast Photo Organizer


Do you have lots of photos on your phone but have trouble finding your favorites? 
With Fast Photo Organizer, you perform short tasks like rating and tagging to build 
up a collection of your top photos.

Download Here



Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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