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Today’s free apps have no rhyme or reason at all today we are letting it all hang out and going free style!  Well they have nothing in common expect they are FREE!!  Hence the title of the post.  Enough blah, blah, blah lets just dive right into it.

Real Kakuro


• The #1 Free Kakuro game on all mobile platforms now available for the Windows Phone! Tease your mind! •

Kakuro is a challenging logic puzzle game that mixes crosswords with numbers. If you like a challenge you will love this game! It is related to other Japanese logic puzzles such as Sudoku, Nonogram, Picross and Hitori.

We have just added an animated tutorial to teach the basics to new players.

With highly polished graphics and smooth gameplay, Real Kakuro is a truly unique and pleasant logic puzzle experience. And best of all for Real Kakuro puzzle fans, no automatic generators with multiple solutions, and they are all included for free here! No need to pay to unlock anything.

Kakuro, also known as cross sums and sum totals, is like a crossword puzzle with numbers. Each “word” must add up to the number provided at the top of the column or to the left of the row. Words can only use the numbers 1 through 9, and a given number can only be used once in a word. Every Kakuro game can be solved through logic alone.

All puzzles have been tested and have a solution – if you get stuck in any particular board and think there is no solution, reset the board and start over. You will manage to find the correct solution if you open your mind and explore different paths.

Real Kakuro puzzle is a very elegant game, providing fabulous gameplay experience with 2000 unique games in 5 different difficulty levels. Can you solve them all?

Download Here

Piano Tunes


Listen to beautiful piano tunes, and learn how to play them. NOTE! This is not a piano to play on.

★ 120 songs to select from, and more is coming
★ Adjust playing speed
★ Step forward and backward for easier learning
★ Shuffle option to play random songs
★ Skip to next random song
★ Left/Right hand coloring (not all songs yet)
★ Add songs to favorites list
★ Nice and clear user interface
★ YouTube link with synthesia tutorial to the source of the song (not owned by the app developer)

Download Here

Sound Meditation


Stop your thoughts with help of sound, fall asleep easier or simply relax.
Bring inner silence, joy, power and creativeness into your daily life using this app.

Sound Meditation let you create compilations containing sounds like water, rain, waves, birds, crickets, …
Please read instructions given inside the app before performing meditation.

– set duration timer for each compilation
– pin any compilation to start
– set volume and balance for each sound
– mute any sound
– mute whole compilation
– set specific background for each compilation
– detailed guide about how to meditate and bring better control of mind into your daily life
– create natural compilations using two type of sounds:
– endless loops
– one time sounds, which can be played at five different random intervals of your choice

Download Here

Music Deals


Music Deals gives you access to the best music at great prices! Each week, you’ll find deep discounts on new and classic albums you should own. Music Deals will keep you informed about the latest and greatest deals.
In this update:
-Support for additional deals
-Share, Pin, Home, Help buttons
-Navigation and Live Tile enhancements
-UX and feature improvements

Download Here

Crossy Road


Join over 50 MILLION players worldwide and experience Hipster Whale’s massive viral #1 hit!
“A smorgasbord of vibrant, rewarding moments” – Gamezebo
“You can play it for two minutes or two hours and love every second of it” – Time
“Just pure love and frustration, in equal doses” – Polygon
Why did the Chicken cross the road?
Why did the Pigeon leave THAT there?
Why did Specimen 115 abduct that cow?
Why did Unihorse eat all that candy?

Have any problems or suggestions? You can reach us at [email protected]
– Collect retro-styled, pop art inspired characters
– Cross roads, train tracks, and rivers – endlessly hop forever
– Simple, pure, innovative gameplay
– Free to play

Embark on an action arcade, endless runner journey!

Download Here

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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