New video shows how easy it is to port an Android app to Windows 10

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Yesterday, Microsoft detailed plans to make it easier to bring Android applications to Windows 10 with a new developer bridge toolkit under the codename Project Astoria (or Project A). Today the company released a video that shows off more or less how simple this process will be.
Android developers will be able to drag and drop their app onto the analysis tool on the Windows Developer portal, and from there it will tell you how much of your code you can reuse to build your Windows app, as well as what they recommend you alter to make sure your app works how it’s supposed to.

Microsoft ensures that apps will retain the same smooth performance and experience that we’re used to on our apps. They also point out how Android context is translated to Windows context using the same code, such as the difference in the sharing screen within an app on both platforms. Some things require small changes though, such as configuring the app for Windows Services. For instance, an app that relies on Google Maps on Android requires just a one line configuration change to use Bing Maps. And with their Java API and few lines of code, developers can take advantage of their Windows live tile with dynamic updates.
Here are the features you can expect with this toolkit:
  • Build Windows apps for phones with few code changes
  • Use a Microsoft interoperability library to integrate Microsoft services into your app with very little effort
  • Test and debug your app from your preferred IDE
  • Publish your app and get paid through the Windows Store
The project is still under development, but Microsoft is letting developers sign up for a preview program letting you test out Project A until it’s released this Fall. There are limited spots so sign up quick!

Source: Microsoft

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