[Rumor] The Microsoft Lumia 940 is said to have a 5.2″ Screen


Microsoft has announced a couple of new Windows Phone devices in the past weeks and months though all these devices released so far have been low to mid range devices. Of course this has a reason, Microsoft is currently working on the biggest Windows Phone Update ever, Windows 10 for Phones and therefore the next High End phone we will see won’t come before the final release of Windows 10. It is clear that Microsoft is already working on the next high end device and the company has also confirmed that there will come new devices with the latest Windows Phone version, therefore it seems to be sure that the next device will be called Lumia 940, though this is not confirmed yet.

The above shown image is of course the Lumia 930 since we do not have any picture of the Lumia 940 yet, only some concepts can be found on the web already. However according to the latest rumors, the Microsoft Lumia 940 will not come with a 5″ Display like its predecessor but will have a 5,2″ Display. I am currently using the Lumia 930 and I have to say that I wouldn’t buy a Windows Phone with a bigger screen. The question is also if the Lumia 940 gets a 5,2″ Screen then where is the boundary between normal smartphones and phablets. There are of course dozens of users out there who are loving their big sized phone like the Lumia 1520 is one, and Microsoft is probably giving the Lumia 940 a bigger screen to separate it a bit from low end devices.
The current rumor comes from NokiaPowerUser and here you can have a look at what their sources are claiming the Microsoft Lumia 940 will look like:

Lumia 940 may sport a 5.2 inch while Lumia 940 XL may have a 5.7 inch display. We hear that the rear camera sensor may swell to 24-25 MP from current 20 MP on Lumia 930. They will certainly feature a 5 MP or even higher MP FFC. We also hear some cool features like 3D-interaction, Iris scanner and native Pen support as part of the package. We know that Windows 10 for Phones will bring support for Hexa-core and Octa-core processors. We don’t have confirmed info about processor and display resolution as of now but Microsoft may go for bleeding-edge specs, we hear.

So it seems that there will be sold, just like with the Microsoft Lumia 640, two versions of the Microsoft Lumia 940. A XL version with 5,7″ and a normal version with 5,2″. Even more disappointing to me that the normal Lumia 940 is set to have a 5,2″ screen instead of a 5″ screen but that might be just me. Apart from that the hardware seems to be pretty nice, we are getting an even better PureView Camera probably from Carl Zeiss with 24-25MP and things like 3D Interactions, and an Iris Scanner are very likely to be integrated. These are all rumors at this time but we will see what is right and what is wrong in the near future.

Drop me a comment below with your opinion about the Microsoft Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL, what do you think of the screen size are 5,2″ okay for you? Stay tuned for further information about the Microsoft Lumia 940 and other upcoming Windows Phone devices.

Source: WMPowerUser

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