Xbox Avatars App now available for Windows 10 Technical Preview



Since yesterday Microsoft made a brand new Xbox Avatars App available to download for Windows Insiders. In Windows 8.1 this App was integrated in the Xbox App but in Windows 10 this is currently a separate app. Maybe Microsoft will integrate the app again when the Xbox and the Avatars app are more mature, since the Xbox App has been totally redesigned and has got some new features. You can use this app to change your Xbox Avatars appearance or you can also start with a new one.
It is also possible to do this on the Xbox Website, however therefore you have to install Microsofts Silverlight browser Plug in, if you use the App you will not have to do this. The app can be found in the Store (Beta) app, so the one with the grey App Store logo.

Below you can have a look at some screenshots which have been made during the first start of the Avatars App on Windows 10 by WMPowerUser. Unfortunately the App won’t install on my Windows 10 Build 10041 otherwise I’d provided my own screenshots.

Got interested? Download the app below by scanning the QR Code or by clicking on the app logo which should bring you directly to the app in the Store. Drop me a comment below with your opinion about the Xbox Avatars app and what you think which features are still missing. Be sure to stay tuned for more information about upcoming Windows 10 apps.


Source: WMPowerUser