If you turn on your Windows machine today, Windows Update might download more than 30 optional Updates


Normally Microsoft is bringing the majority of Updates on their almost traditional Patch Tuesday. Even when Google reminded Microsoft because of a security hole in Windows, Microsoft fixed it but rolled out the Update on Patch Tuesday and not immediately after they had the fix. However, today is one of these seldom days when Microsoft is rolling out a few Updates outside of the normal Patch Tuesday.

If you have a look at the Microsoft website, you will notice that there are listed Updates for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows Server and yes even for Windows RT will be rolled out some updates today. All of these updates are optional and don’t have to be installed but it doesn’t hurt your system to do so. On top of these there are a couple of optional security Updates for your Windows OS, however Microsoft isn’t giving any specific details for security updates anymore. So you just can decide to install or do not install them.
Since the knowledge base articles have not been published yet by Microsoft for these Updates, it is not yet possible to exactly say what these Updates are for. However, according to Neowin some of these Updates are for fixing problems with poor WiFi Network Connectivity, problems with BluRay Media and things like that.

If you have allowed Windows to automatically search for new Updates, the optional Updates will displayed in the same way as important Updates do in Windows Update. So be sure to keep an eye on Windows Update today and to check for these Updates, but keep in mind that a couple of these Updates will require your system to reboot in order to be fully installed.

Source: Neowin

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