SCRUFF updated with new features for Windows Phone 8.1



SCRUFF is back and better than ever!

Popular gay social network SCRUFF has just updated their app with a number of new features that brings it up-to-date with iOS and Android versions in terms of functionality. Aside from being fully Windows 8.1 compatible, users also get the option for SCRUFF Pro with brings unlimited browsing, among other things. Version also brings some Windows specific features such as the ability to pin profiles to your start screen and Cortana integration.

The changes included in the update are as follows:

– All new and redesigned for Windows Phone 8.1
– SCRUFF Pro, for unlimited messaging, browsing and search
– Filter guys and communities
– Swipe-to-browse
– Pinnable profiles
– Cortana integration

As a user of the app myself, I have to say it feels smoother and much more stable than the previous version. While I like the use of a carousel to switch between views, I do prefer having the options like Profile Views and Settings to remain static within the app like how it’s laid out on iOS, instead of having to swipe over to access them. And icons as well as text seem a little big for my taste compared to the iOS version. Though I do like that photos remain in view when scrolling through a user’s profile information, where on iOS it simply fades to a black “SCRUFF” background. I have noticed that the Insights feature seems to be missing though, hopefully something that’ll come in a future update.

Speaking of update, apparently SCRUFF CEO Eric Silverberg has mentioned a desktop version that is being developed and is slated for release later in the year. SCRUFF is currently the only popular gay social network to reach Windows Phone, with an install base of about over a quarter million. Hopefully its continued commitment to taking advantage of the platform will help entice other apps like Grindr to support Windows, especially with Windows 10 on the horizon and Microsoft making a huge push for universal Windows Apps.

Download SCRUFF here

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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