How to: Enable Dark Theme in Windows 10 Build 10056

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In Windows Phone, we are already used to this feature. If you go to Settings –> Start + Theme –> you can choose between the light or the dark theme for your phone. This is another important feature which provides the user with even more customization. On my Windows Phone I am using the dark theme since day one, but I never really thought about changing the default light Theme in Windows to the dark theme too.


Through a registry hack it is possible in the leaked Build 10056 to switch from the light theme over to the dark theme. Pretty neat that Microsoft is going to integrate this in Windows too. Actually this is just a logical step for Microsoft if they are trying to bring Windows and Windows for Phones closer together. Follow the instructions below to change your Windows Theme to the dark theme. Like in Windows Phone this will change the background of your windows (Apps) to black, though the start screen will not be affected by that.

  1. Run:
    First of a all we have to start ‘Run’ somehow, therefor you can press Start+R or you right click on the start button and choose ‘Run’.
  2. Open Registry:
    Once you have opened ‘Run’ on your preferred way, you have to type in ‘registry’ to open the application. If it asks you for permission to make changes, choose yes.
  3. Navigate to the Themes Folder:
    In the registry we have to find the Themes folder, in order to not getting lost there, be sure to exactly follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\Personalize
  4. Create DWORD:
    Within the folder you have to creat a DWORD file, by right clicking in the Personalize folder and choosing ‘New’. Name the DWORD as the following: SystemUsesLightTheme. The value should be set to 0, as we want to have the dark theme and not the light theme.

Once you have finished all the steps above, your theme should look something like this:


Source: Whistler4Ever

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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