Wow what a battery! This is the Surface 3 from another perspective


On the 31st of March Microsoft officially announced the Surface 3. Those of you who were following the latest leaks and rumors probably expected an additional device for the Surface row, although the estimated date for the announcement of the next Surface generation has been late April when the annual Build conference takes place in San Francisco. However we have already got the Surface 3 now and it is even possible to preorder it at the Microsoft store.


It might be a matter of taste but according to my opinion the Surface 3 is another good looking addition to the Surface row and really is an alternative to the Surface 3 Pro. The chances are good, that a normal user never gets a look inside the Surface unless he wants to destroy his Surface. Since Microsoft gave a welcome party for the Surface 3 in Los Angeles everyone around the world does now have the chance to get a first look at what’s inside of such a tablet. Gladly there was a visitor, Sean Ong, at this party who has filmed what was going on there.
In the video, which is embed below, you can see the new Surface Pen colors, the Type Cover, Surface chief Panos Panay and the Surface 3 in an ‘exploded view’. Microsoft is promising that the battery can last up to 10 hours and if you have a look at the screenshot from the video it is pretty clear why Microsoft is promising that, the battery is just huge.
Unfortunately it is not possible to get a glimpse at the new build in Intel Atom x7 processor but at least you can see that the only thing which is currently holding back the technology from becoming thinner and thinner and smaller and smaller, the battery.

What do you think? Do you like what you see here, drop me a comment below with your opinion on this. Sooner or later there will appear some teardown videos on the internet anyway, but that is a cool first look at the Surface 3 from another perspective.

Source: Neowin

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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