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Time is passing by and Microsoft continues to try bringing App Developers to the Windows platform. Both with the universal apps as well as with a idea of an unified operating system which can run on all devices, the company from Redmond tries to convince developers around the world to bring apps also to the, still as the fastest growing operating system known, Windows platform. It seems that the hard work of Microsoft pays off now at least a bit and we will see what happens in the future after the official release of Windows 10.
Today a booking service for Taxis in Europe, called Taxify, has announced that there is an official beta app available in the Windows Phone App Store to download.

iOS and Android have been the first to get such an app though it is pretty cool to hear that after a short time the app is now also available for Microsoft’s platform. According to the official statement from Taxify’s CEO, Markus Villig, the company has decided to bring this app also for the Windows Phone OS because of the high demand. This are pretty good news in my eyes since this means there are quite a bit Windows Phone users out there and if they ask for an app they will not be ignored, unfortunately this doesn’t work with all companies so well, but I don’t want to start this Snapchat debate one more time.
However below you can have a look at the official statement of Markus Villig:

“Due to strong demand from our customers from both Finland and the Baltics, we have invested our development efforts into Windows Phone solution. With this milestone, we are delighted to say that Taxify taxi booking service is now available for the majority of all smartphone users. Developments will of course continue and more interesting news are still to come within forthcoming months.”

Got interested? Below you can download the Taxify Beta app from the Windows Phone App Store by clicking the app logo or scanning the QR Code with Bing Vision. If you are interested in making the Taxify App on Windows Phone an even better experience you are very welcome to send your Feedback to the following E-Mail Adress: [email protected].
Stay tuned for more information about the ongoing progress of Taxify on Windows Phone.


Source: Taxify Blog via Windows Central

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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