Project Spartan demoed for the first time on Windows 10 for Phones


Today was the press conference of Microsoft at the MWC 2015 (Mobile World Congress) and it was like the conference of HTC yesterday a short Conference with not much time to show new things, tough Microsoft has showed us beside two new Windows Phone devices, the Microsoft Lumia 640 and 640 XL and a new foldable Keyboard also a first demo of Project Spartan on Windows 10 for Phones.

Screenshot (162)

In 40 minutes they couldn’t show as too much about it yet but at least we could get a first glimpse of the Browser. Like the Desktop version it will have a clean simple you UI with a light grey color. Microsoft demoed the reading mode, which is already included in the current Browser of Windows Phone 8.1 but will be also included in Spartan. Furthermore we could have a look at the reading list feature which allows you to save webpages to read them later on. This should also bring you a less distractive reading experience and furthermore you can customize the website a bit so that it easier for you to read. So you can for example change the font size to one which is more comfortable for you to read.

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This is not all of Project Spartan for Windows Phone, there will come more but as said at the Press Conference this is an early Build of Windows 10 for Phones and we will probably see more at the Build in April when the operating system will be more mature and with more features. In case that you have missed the demo of Project Spartan on Windows 10 for phones you can have a look at the Live Event here.

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