Get 100GB OneDrive Storage with Bing Rewards for Free | Worldwide



Actually Bing Rewards is a Program by Microsoft which should attract people to use Bing over Google. For searching with Bing you are receiving Rewards, and with these Bing Rewards you can get some cool things like a Xbox Music Pass and things like that. However Bing Rewards is a program run by Microsoft which is US only, like so many things when it comes to Bing. Since last week it is possible to receive 100Gb OneDrive Storage which is available for two years and the best thing, you won’t have to use and Bing Rewards for that, simply log in with your Microsoft Account and the 100GB get added to your OneDrive Storage. Now this was, like the Bing Rewards Program US only, but since today it is possible, at least in Germany in Austria but I guess that it is working worldwide now, to get these 100 GB OneDrive Storage.

Follow this link, which brings you to a log in page, sign in with your Microsoft Account and voila you are now 100Gb of OneDrive Storage richer.


To check if the 100Gb have been really added to your OneDrive Storage just head to and once you are logged in, click on ‘get more storage’ in the bottom left corner. There, all your OneDrive bonuses and things are listed which you have redeemed. This Bonus is called ‘Bing Bonus’ and lasts, as already mentioned for 2 years.


Source: Dr. Windows