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Today the HERE Team has officially released an Update for their HERE Maps material which will come to both Windows Phone and Android. The great thing is that this Update will concern everyone because they have added great improvements to their maps along with some additional new features. According to the HERE Blog there have been added various improvements by adding new roads and constructions and by adding new details to have an even better experience with HERE Maps. In case you have installed HERE Maps on your Windows Phone just tap the appbar and choose ‘download maps’ once there you can tap on ‘update current maps’ and voila the Update should be downloading. Be sure to be on WiFi for the Update, my Update was something about 27MB to download and it was just for the Austrian Map (small country).

So what can you expect of this Update once you have downloaded it, all improvements and new features are listed below, for a more detailed list scroll down a bit where all new additions are explained in detail:

  • New navigable countries.
  • Water Features.
  • Improvements for Public Transport.

New navigable countries

Welcome Cyprus, Mayotte and Zimbabwe to HERE Maps which were already covered by the Maps Service before but now they are navigable countries what basically means that there is now full turn-by-turn navigation available in these three countries. Furthermore, the maps material of the following countries has been greatly improved: Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Fiji, Gambia, Liberia, Madagascar, Sierra Leone and Somalia; Maps are now more detailed in these countries, displaying more road names and details about public buildings like Universities and similar.

Water Features

In this freshly released Update for HERE Maps applications another thing which the HERE Maps has paid attention to is how inland water gets displayed on the map, this mean lakes ponds and rivers. So there are now shown more small lakes and ponds which weren’t visible before, furthermore they tried to improve the size of rivers that they aren’t displayed too big or too small, which may sound odd but rivers aren’t the same size the whole year long therefore it isn’t that easy to map them correctly.
Below you can have a look at an example from Germany which the HERE Team has pointed out because there are displayed way more inland waters now and rivers are displayed in a more realistic way:


Improvements for Public Transport

With the Maps Update before this one the Team has improved the way how Public Transport routes are displayed on the map in lines, but they have only tried this for Chicago so something like a Beta. With this Update these method has been expanded to even more countries, so if you lucky enough to be from Kaohsiung, Taipei, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo or Singapore you can have look at the maps now and can see that subways, trains and tram lines are displayed way better and more beautiful now.

In case you are not sure anymore how to update Maps within your HERE Maps App for Windows Phone, I have added a step by step tutorial below. Let me know your opinion on these improvements which the HERE Team has released today.


Source: HERE 360 Blog

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