DerreLeaks: HTC One M9 for Windows on the way, probably not in time for MWC


Last year saw HTC release a Windows flagship alongside the Android version, albeit nearly half a year later. The Windows counterpart had the same exact internals and ran the latest version of Windows Phone, though with HTC’s own touch and was only available on Verizon before branching out to T-MobileUS. It was an impressive device, and gave us the only notable flagship when neither Nokia or Microsoft had any similar offerings (the Lumia 930 was released a month prior but only outside of the US). This year, with all the leaks of the upcoming HTC M9, we’ve been wondering whether or not the company would follow suit with a new Windows flagship.

Turns out we should expect to see one! Under the codename HimaW, the HTC M9 for Windows will likely share the same specifications, although we still haven’t confirmed what exactly those are. Recently leaks point to the Hima as having a new design with cues from the Nexus 9, a 20MP rear camera with a 13MP front-facer, 3GB of RAM, and an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor. With specs like that, this could very well be one of thee Windows phones of 2015!

Unfortunately, while we can likely expect the HTC One M9 to be launched at Mobile World Congress next month, it’s likely that we won’t see the M9 for Windows until later in the year. The M8 for Windows wasn’t released until August of last year, so that makes sense, especially with the Windows 10 official launch happening later this Spring.

Sound off below, are you looking forward to a new HTC flagship for Windows 10?

Source: @upleaks

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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