Tablet running Windows 10 in the making?


Having sealed the fate of Windows RT, I was wondering if Nokia or MS would produce a successor of the beauty beast, Lumia 2520 but according to the drips on the Social Media, we do have a 2520 successor in the pipeline but it is neither from Nokia nor Microsoft! Certainly, a GFXBench listing now shows an ARM tablet put up with those features and running a “WINDOWS 10” operating system, hinting this could very well be the successor to the Lumia 2520. Furthermore, it is likely to run on the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 SOC and also said to have a 2K resolution display! This is the only Windows device thus far which is anticipated to run on Snapdragon 805. This is actually from the Qualcomm themselves and it is called Qualcomm LIQUID! If the speculations are true, it would be the first ARM-powered Windows 10 tablet that the market will see.





The specs are little down in the dumps when you compare this with the Nokia N1 however this isn’t bad though! I personally think that this is no match for the beauty beast 2520 though this runs on an upgraded hardware and software! 2520 has other pluses like sensors, Camera and built quality! So I think this cannot be the 2520’s successor if not for the leaked Spec. I expect it to have more features and come out in Nokia’s brand name just like the Nokia N1. Then we may call it the successor of the 2520. On the other hand, the device, which is referred to here as the “Qualcomm LIQUID” is assumed to be the Lumia 1820 by the GSMArena There’s no further information available about the device so let us hope this has more features and turns out to be the Lumia 2520’s successor!  Fingers Crossed!


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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