Sprint and T-MobileUS threw some hilarious shade during the Super Bowl


While the Super Bowl was all about the game happening on the field, there was another battle going on between two rivals online. T-Mobile and Sprint took to Twitter Sunday evening to comment on each others’ Super Bowl commercials, and it was nothing short of hilarious!

For the record, I can’t help but love T-MobileUS CEO John Legere for his foul mouth and call-em-like-I-see-em demeanor towards the other 3 main US carriers. And it’s no surprise that he’s the one that started it all when he tweeted (above) about Sprint’s commercial, making sure to mention them in the tweet. The ad in reference was one in which Sprint offered to cut the bills of customers in half if they switch from Verizon or AT&T. Legere’s tweet included flawless shade at the commercial by calling it “half-assed” (get it?). Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure responded with an image that said “Never sacrifice your class to get even with someone who has none. Take the high road.” Shots clearly fired!

Legere was not phased though, as he responded with “Oh look! You learned how to use the “respond button. I thought you only knew how to use the retweet button”, referencing the fact that the whole day, Claure’s Twitter was filled with retweets of people praising Sprint’s commercial and bashing on T-Mobile and the other carriers.

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl myself (I know, I’m so un-American), but battle between the Uncarrier and Sprint was more than enough to keep me entertained!

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