2014’s Least Improved Windows Phone Apps


Following on from Izzi’s earlier post, My 5 most improved Windows Phone apps of 2014 I thought I’d approach things from a different angle and take a look at the bad guys, app developers who in 2014 have neglected their offerings to the Windows Phone Store for whatever reason. You will notice in this top 5 Windows Phone apps in need of an update that none of them are paid for apps, so with that in mind we will begin.

5. Waze


When Google took over Waze, the mapping app that lets you tip off other drivers of traffic jams and speed traps, it was quite a surprise to see it arrive on Windows Phone and looked like it could be the start of Google finally paying attention to Microsoft’s mobile platform. But alas, it wasn’t the case. It last got an update in February and doesn’t appear to be supported by the developers anymore. Will anything change in 2015?

4. LinkedIn


I recall when I first got into Windows Phone one of the big apps Microsoft boasted about having on board was LinkedIn, the Facebook of the business world. I didn’t use it then and still don’t now, however a lot of Windows Phone users do, so I am surprised to see it hasn’t received a single update in 2014. Come on LinkedIn, show us Lumia users some love.

3. YouTube


YouTube for Windows Phone is a tale of what could have been. Back in August 2013 Microsoft had a great YouTube client, better than anything Google has produced for iOS or Android. But scared stiff of the competition cowardly Google blocked the app from working, depriving not only viewers the awesome experience but their own content producers of advertising revenue. Microsoft have gone back to offering a link to the mobile website and fortunately apps like MetroTube and MyTube fill the void. Let’s hope the new year see’s some agreement reached.

2. Instagram (Beta)

For a long time Instagram was THE app that everyone complained was missing on Windows Phone, then in November 2013 it arrived! The problem was that it wasn’t finished, and for this reason it was labelled Instagram Beta, it was missing major features such as the ability to share video clips, but with the promise that new features were coming soon it was surely only a matter of time until The Beta tag was dropped right? Wrong! Over a year later and with no updates since March Windows Phone users are now wondering if it will ever be completed. But with Rudi Huyn’s excellent 3rd party offering, 6tag, showing them how it’s done there is at least some comfort for Windows Phone users who want a full Instagram experience.

1. Flickr


Windows Phone offers some of the best cameras available on a smartphone, so photo sharing is obviously a big deal to users, and Flickr, with the option to upload and view full resolution snaps is a great option, until you see the app. The fact it is still branded “Flickr for Windows Phone 7” hints at how bad Yahoo’s support of their app is. The fact it hasn’t been updated for a whole 33 months (yep, March 2012 was the last update) shows you why Flickr tops this list of Windows Phone apps most in need of an update. Again we must thank goodness for third party clients. Flickr Booth, by JC Mobile Solutions and Matt Cowen’s Flickr Central are both great and more than fill the void left by the official apps’ failings.

So there you have it. I think all Windows Phone users would join me in thanking the app developers of third party clients for filling in so many gaps. If you have any suggestions for apps that should be in this list let us know in the comments section. On the other hand if you want to see which developers have been improving their apps on Windows Phone in the last year, or suggest some your self check out Izzi’s post HERE.

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