#MakeItHappen LA Activations

WP_20141210_17_51_32_ProMicrosoft Mobile US approached us a few weeks before Thanksgiving to see if we would like to participate in the #MakeItHappen Activation event in Los Angeles, CA.  What interested me the most is that we would be working with kids to improve their lifestyles with health, food tweaks and technology (Lumia 635 and fitbit zip).  Lenny and I would act as Lumia mentors and use our knowledge of the products to help them with any questions that may arise.

Lenny and I each received the AT&T exclusive Lumia 830 and fitbit Flex to prepare the activations to get ourselves familiar with the recently released fitbit app for Windows Phone.  Prior to Windows Phone 8.1, users were unable to wirelessly sync their fitbit device with a Windows Phone.  The app is integrated with Cortana and has a live tile where many of your activities can be displayed.

During the planning stage, I reached out to the Microsoft Mobile team and told them I would be interested in creating a setup/instruction video for the Lumia 635 and the fitbit zip that each student will receive.  You can watch the video in it’s entirety below.

Day One – Activations

WP_20141208_14_32_00_ProClub Nokia in LA Live was the iconic venue where we would have our first session.  Microsoft team setup an area in the VIP lounge where over 200 Latino students received their Lumia 635 and fitbit zip along with soccer supplies for a two day clinic which was scheduled on day two and three.

WP_20141208_14_35_51_Pro WP_20141208_14_36_15_ProDownstairs in the main auditorium, students were able to grab some food and get ready for the first of the three planned sessions.

WP_20141208_17_31_11_ProI also prepared a PowerPoint presentation for our Lumia 635 and fitbit zip walk through and installation session on my Lumia 830. We were unable to use the HD-10 to stream the content from my Lumia 830 to the projector and found the work around by pairing a Microsoft Surface with the HD-10. Erika demonstrated healthy eating tricks and tips. The Fitmomdiet duo (Shannon and Kim) closed the first day session by going over fitness best practices.WP_20141208_17_00_37_Pro

Day Two – Soccer clinic

The Mendez High School would be our home for the next two days. Over eighty soccer balls had to be pumped for the soccer clinic.

WP_20141209_001Lunch was catered and there was over 15 six foot sandwiches, few boxes of apples, fig bars, unlimited supply of Gatorade and water for everyone.WP_20141209_13_45_02_Pro

WP_20141209_14_23_58_ProMicrosoft Mobile reached out to a soccer legend, Mia Hamm, who has agreed to spend some time with the students during the soccer clinic. She gave a motivational speech and spent the rest of her time coaching the students. One of our highlights is that Lenny and I got our gears signed by Mia.

WP_20141210_02_07_43_ProI told Mia that I am Dutch and she surprised me with the words ‘God verdomme’ her Dutch college mate used to yell during soccer practice.

WP_20141209_16_44_15_ProWhile other students were spending time getting on soccer field, other were doing exercise routines with Shannon, Kim, Erika, Curtis and Evan.

WP_20141210_15_52_22_ProThe #MakeItHappen pledge station is an area where the students would go to submit their pledges. The Microsoft team and influencers would help them if they have questions about their Lumia 635 & wireless activity tracker.

WP_20141209_16_11_08_ProLizzy gave an exceptional motivational speech to the students that they can achieve with technology and follow their dreams. There was one girl who dreaded to be at the pledging station became very energetic after Lizzy’s speech. She even asked me if she could go chat with Lizzy.

Day Three – Soccer competition

WP_20141210_15_40_32_ProSoccer matches were planned on last day and the students were divided into groups named after MLS teams (Philadelphia Unions, LA Galaxy, etc.). Teams played timed matches and eliminated if they lost and their opponent advanced to the next round. Beside the matches students were participating in exercises, games where some cool prizes were up for grabs. Lenny an I were available for those who still needed help with their pledges, Lumia or fitbit zip.

WP_20141210_15_46_53_SmartAfter the championship match, the coaches of the two teams were given Microsoft swag and every student received a medal.WP_20141210_17_53_36_Pro


Student using his brand new Lumia 635.WP_20141210_17_53_04_Pro
I have compiled a video compilation with the Lumia 830 from the 3 day LA event and you watch it below:

#MakeItHappen Pledges:

Microsoft started the #MakeItHappen campaign early this month which make someone pledge happen every day throughout the month of December. You still have two more days left submit your resolution or pledge.

Microsoft Mobile created a super cool video of the #MakeItHappen event that features Kim and Shannon from FItmomdiet  and can be seen below:

My pledge can be seen here:

If you like to see Lenny’s pledge click on the link below:

Here is a list of some of the influencers #MakeItHappen pledges:

I would like to thank Microsoft Mobile US for giving Lenny and I the opportunity to mentor these marvelous group of students and be part of this #MakeItHappen Activations campaign. I have spoke to many bright minds and have seen countless smiles from the students, their coaches, facilitators and the entire Microsoft Mobile team.  I have made new friends and got reacquainted with my #TeamLumia Boston buddies.

This experience will truly be my best Christmas present ever.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our magnificent time in LA and would definitely do it all over again.


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignorehttp://www.OneTechStop.net
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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