ComScore Sept 2014, Top US OEM’s, Platforms and Apps

ComScore have released their report for the three months up to the end of September, revealing the top OEM’s, smartphone platforms and apps in the USA.

Topping the OEM table is Apple with 41.7% share of the market, down 0.4 points on three months ago. Samsung are second with 29.0%, up 0.4 points from June, appearing to pick up the share Apple dropped. The top five is below, unfortunately no place for Nokia/MS this time.


Android are the top smartphone platform for the three month period, with 52.1% share, up 0.2 on their share in June. Apple’s iOS come second, with 41.7%, down 0.4 points compared to three months ago. Windows Phone come third, with 3.6%, up 0.2 points but the gap between Microsoft’s platform and 2nd place Apple (38.1 points) demonstrates the work MS need to do in the USA to break the duopoly currently dominating the share of smartphone platforms.

The top five table is below. Good news from a Nokia point of view, Symbian has doubled it’s share in the USA compared to three months ago, increasing 0.1 point to 0.2% (Hooray!).


ComScore also measures the top apps running across all the smartphone platforms, leading the way, running on 72% of all smartphones in the USA is Facebook. The next three places are taken up by Google apps, YouTube are in 2nd place with 51.5% and Google Play (which comes preinstalled on most Android devices) is third with 51.1%. Forth is Google Search with 47.3%.

You can see the full table below.


Find out more about ComScore, and their September report on their site HERE

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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