Microsoft Lumia branding confirmed



Microsoft Lumia


There has been a lot of speculation to what new name Microsoft would adopt for its Lumia smartphones after they acquire Nokia’s mobile division back in April.

After the acquisition, Microsoft had the right to use the Nokia brand on devices for a limited time, after which they had to come up with their own name. The good thing is they got the right to the Lumia brand name.

Nokia’s French Facebook page just announced that going forward, new windows phone devices released will be branded “Microsoft Lumia”


This doesn’t come as a shock, there has been numerous tips and revelations regarding this change.

If you remember, GeeksOnGadgets got a tip with this roadmap/iamge of how WP devices will be branded going forward, confirming that Microsoft would indeed stick with the Lumia brand.

This is a good decision, though there are a lot of resentment from Nokia faithfuls as there will no longer be any Nokia branded devices. But don’t worry, the quality and build is still there.

So now that we have the name debacle resolved, what do you guys think? Smart decision by Microsoft onkeeping the Lumia brand. It has already sold 6million in the US alone and much more around the globe, it would have been dumb if they had dropped such a successful brand/image. I believe today smartphone users recognize the Lumia brand more than the Nokia brand and the same will happen when the first Microsoft Lumia device is unveiled, WP users are already accustomed to the Lumia brand, especially since Lumia was built on Nokia’s foundation.


So here’s hoping we finally see a 1020 successor or maybe we could see a Microsoft Lumia x (X for xbox phone: for gamers) or a Microsoft Lumia Surface (for business-minded men/women, kinda like the Nokia E-series of old)