Presentation of Microsoft Smartwatch is near

There have been already various rumors concerning the smartwatch by Microsoft but there has not been leaked any specific time for the presentation of a wearable from Microsoft yet. Now according to Forbes Microsoft is preparing for a presentation of there first ever smartwatch “within weeks”.

According to sources the upcoming Microsoft gadget will be able to measure the users heart rate and will also work with different mobile platforms, rather than restricting it to Windows Phone, so will also work with iOS and Android devices. Aside from that it will also be the first of its kind with a battery that lasts for at least two days with regular use before you have to charge it again. Concerning the battery, the best so far lasts for one day in regular use. Of course we can not confirm anything about the durability of the battery yet, so if it really lasts for two days will be proved when the first devices are available but at least Microsoft is claiming that and then it should not bee too unrealistic.

So to conclude, this means not only that this gadget is compatible with all three most used mobile operating systems, also the fact that it lasts for a whole day longer could put Microsoft’s gadget in front of its competitors like the Moto 360 or the smartwatch from Samsung. We can expect the presentation in the upcoming weeks, meaning if it gets released soon after the event it will be available shortly before or during the holiday season. Apple planned a release for their smartwatch in time for the holiday season but as we already know, the release has been canceled by Apple and is now said to be sometime early 2015.

Thanks to a patent, Microsoft has registered sometime ago, we also know already what this fitness smartwatch might look like. Below you can have a look at all four pictures, which leaked during the Registration process of the patent.


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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