Skype Qik for Windows Phone, iOS & Android

As the name already suggests, Skype Qik is a second small app from the Microsoft Skype team which should complement your experience with Skype in a positive way. It is a completely new way to share special moments with your friends or family, it is for the use between Skype calls, for the short moments which matter. Share what you are experiencing live to all your friends. The point of the app basically is that you can have a conversation just via some short videos. It is all about sending small video messages and everyone in the group or just the single person you send it to can react and answer with another video.
Below you can get a better impression what the app is all about with the short Video that Skype has shared on YouTube.

The app is available from today on for all three major smartphone OS’s, Windows Phone, iOS and Android, so there will not be any good point why not to use the app. Of course you will not have always time to replay with another video, therefor Skype has also implemented the possibility to record small GIF’s and save them in the app. so if you just want to ‘like’ a video someone just shared with you, then you can simply choose a GIF you made that suites the situation.
At Qik you can get all the information about this new type of messaging, Skype also says that they will listen to users feedback and will continue their work towards the users opinions. So start off download the app for your iPhone, Android device or your Windows Phone and start messaging in a new way. Below you can have a look at some screenshots of the app to see what the UI looks like.


Source Skype

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