Kantar: Windows Phone Has Month to Month Growth in Europe and US


Kantar World Panel have released their figures for the three months covering June, July and August 2014, and one area I am always interested in looking at is how the various smartphone platforms, Windows Phone in particular have fared against the previous month. Kantar show on their table (above) the performance verses the same period last year, and are unique in that rather than releasing their data on a quarterly basis they release every month.

So, what do these latest numbers show for Windows Phone against last month? Well, in every market in Europe except Spain Microsoft’s mobile platform has gained market share, growing in Germany 0.8 per cent points to 6.9%, up 1.4 points in Italy to 14.4%, up 1.2 in France to 9.9% and up 0.4 in Britain to 10.3%. Spain had a 0.6 point drop to 4.2%. Overall, the figures for EU5 (calculating all five European markets) Windows Phone has gone up to 9.2% from 8.5% last month.

The USA is another market which has seen month on month growth for Windows Phone, up 1.8 points to 4.7%.

China saw 0.2 point drop to 0.6% market share, and Australia saw a decline from 5.7% down to 5.1%. Japan is covered by KWP this month (as opposed to Mexico last month) and this shows Windows Phone is up 0.2 points against last year.

The reason I have more interest in month on month changes is that a year is a long time in the smartphone world, where in the last month we have seen devices like the Lumia 530 and 630 go on sale as well as continued roll out of Windows Phone 8.1. We have also seen the announcements of devices like the Lumia 730, 735 and 830, all things which should help push Windows Phone closer to 15% market share and beyond, which the platform needs to remain sustainable. We will be keeping a close eye on Kantar over the next few months to see how Windows Phone performs with these factors in place.

Finally, congratulations to Apple, whose iPhone 5c was, according to Kantar the best selling Smartphone in Britain in August 2014, quite a feet considering smartphone enthusiasts were anticipating the launch of new iPhone models, namely the 6 and 6 Plus.

You can read the Kantar World Panel report for this month by clicking HERE.

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