Microsoft Agree Deal To Purchase Minecraft Developers


3369435iPicture from niconico

Microsoft have reached an agreement to acquire Stockholm based game developers Mojang and the Minecraft franchise for $2.5 billion “Subject to customary closing conditions and any regulatory review.” The purchase should be completed by the end of 2014.

As well as Minecaft which has over 100 million downloads on the PC platform alone, Mojang has been responsible for best selling games Halo, Forza and Fable.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said:

“Gaming is a top activity spanning devices, from PCs and consoles to tablets and mobile, with billions of hours spent each year. Minecraft is more than a great game franchise – it is an open world platform, driven by a vibrant community we care deeply about, and rich with new opportunities for that community and for Microsoft.”

You can find out more about this deal by reading Microsoft’s full statement HERE