Kantar’s Latest Figures are a Mixed Bag for Windows Phone


Kantar World Panel have released smartphone market share figures for the three months from May, June and July in countries around the world, and while Windows Phone has grown in the US compared to last month’s numbers, Microsoft’s smartphone platform has dropped a little in Europe and China.

EU5 which combines GB, France, Germany, Italy and Spain has dropped from 8.8 to 8.5% this is despite Italy managing a pretty substantial increase from 10.1 to 13%, leapfrogging iOS back into second place, and climbing in Britain 0.3 points to 9.9%. Share dropped in Spain 2.7 points down to 4.8% going behind iOS into 3rd. France also dropped 1.9 points to 8.7% and Germany dipped slightly from 6.4 to 6.1%. China saw a 0.1 point decrease down to 0.8%. There were more positive signs in the USA where market share is steadily growing, up from 3.8 to 3.9%.

Looking at the same 3 months of 2013 also see’s mixed results. The biggest increase was Italy which went up 5.1 points, while Mexico which isn’t always included in the report saw a decrease of 3.6 points, down from a healthy 9.5% which at the time put Windows Phone in 2nd place, to 5.9% which is still ahead of iOS (4.6% down from last years 9.2%) but the “Other” column which consists of OS’s such as Blackberry and Tizan, is technically in 2nd place with 8.9% (also down against last year).

You can’t look at numbers like this without acknowledging the huge dominance Android has in every market. It will be interesting to see in the coming months whether Windows Phone 8.1 devices like the Lumia 930 and 630 make much impact, as the update, known on Nokia branded devices as Lumia Cyan, brings in a lot of new features which makes the platform a lot more competitive not to mention the the low price of phones such as the Lumia 530.

You can read the whole Kantar World Panel report for the last three months HERE.

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  1. looking at these numbers tells me WP is not doing to bad and ios stinks, much worse showing for ios in that quarter than WP

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