T-MobileUS to bring Windows Phone 8.1 to Lumia 925 and 521 “later this year”

T-mobile-offresI guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that T-Mobile US is reportedly going back on their word to push out the Windows Phone 8.1 update this summer. As we move into fall, we still have yet to see the update, but now we have word from T-Mobile’s twitter account that they’ll bring the update “later this year.”

The reason I say I’m not surprised is mainly because T-Mobile has had a long history of crippling Nokia software (and even hardware), and coming late to the update party. As far back as I can remember, there was the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic phone, which featured a front-facing QVGA camera, though the T-Mobile version was void of this cool feature (it was 2008) probably because the network wasn’t ready to support such a feature. After that was the Nokia 5230, which on T-Mobile’s network was called the Nuron, and featured a surprisingly crippled version of the software compared to the international version. Then we had the Lumia 710 which famously was not updated to Windows Phone 7.8 because they didn’t think it was worth it, and the Lumia 810 which was discontinued shortly after its release and wasn’t given support for updates beyond Lumia Amber. When Lumia Black was rolling out, T-Mobile was essentially the last major carrier to push the update to its devices, and now we are seeing that pattern continue with Lumia Cyan.

AT&T has already started updating its devices, so what’s taking T-MobileUS so long?

Source: T-Mobile US (Twitter)

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  1. T-Mobile was quick on the initial updates on the HTC 8x but then went dry. Glad I gave my T-Mobile Lumia 925 to my daughter and picked up one for AT&T!

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