Video: Ms. DVD, Featuring the Green Lumia 1520 #SustainableLumia



A video up on Nokia’s YouTube channel, titled “The Life and Times of Ms. DVD” see’s the Lumia 1520 in a bright green colour, which, apparently has been made out of recycled DVD’s, further enhancing Nokia as they were, now Microsoft oy’s, reputation as a Green company, along with the Hashtag #SustainableLumia.

The video, below, takes a look at Ms. DVD in her glory years, before being replaced with online and cloud storage. She does however get a new lease of life, as the material used on the bright green Lumia 1520.

The Life and Times of Ms. DVD is a story of DVD’s rise to fame, how recycling is key to sustainability and what the Bright Green Nokia Lumia 1520’s have to do with it all: Join discussion in Twitter #SustainableLumia