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“The customer is our north star.”

It’s a great day to be in Seattle! Today T-Mobile unleashed the next stage of its UnCarrier initiative with the UnCarrier 5.0 event. As part of their ongoing plan to rid various pain points of the mobile telecommunications industry, the fourth largest carrier (by customer base) has just announced that they are now allowing potential new customers to “try out” the network, offering customers a 7-day free test drive of their network with an iPhone 5s, entirely for free. T-Mobile prefaced this by claiming that they still have the fastest 4G LTE network, and by also adding that their new VoLTE service now covers more than 100 million customers, with “Wideband” LTE now live in 16 markets. This is probably a good move for the Magenta carrier, who, while they’ve surely been shaking up the industry with extremely attractive offers, still faces the stigma of having a slower and less robust network than the other 3 US nationwide carriers. This will give anyone who is still hesitant to make the switch a chance to see if it’s really what they want. And in collaboration with Apple, it will also let potential users know that T-Mobile does, in fact, carry the “latest and greatest” iPhone, a fact that many apparently have yet to realize.tmobile_2014_40They’re calling this the Test Drive, and it kicks off early next week on July 23rd. CEO John Legere claims that we should all enjoy cheating on our network for a little bit, and so he launched the #7NightStand Challenge online, giving potential (or even current) customers a chance to win prizes for flirting with T-Mobile. See the link for details.

We thought this was it, and while it definitely didn’t leave us disappointed, Legere surprised us all by announcing UnCarrier 6.0! This time, is was all about freeing music from the clutches of carriers who impose limits on streaming. Well T-Mobile wants to put a stop to that, by offering a new service called Music Freedom, allowing customers to stream effortlessly on the top streaming music services like Spotify, iTunes radio, iHeart radio, Rhapsody Slacker Radio, Milk Music, upcoming music service Beatport and Pandora, all without limits. So if you use up all your regular data service, music will continue streaming at high quality.


Additionally, Legere announced a new music streaming service that ties in directly with T-Mobile’s UnCarrier initiative, and it’s called Rhapsody UnRadio. It’s completely free for T-Mobile customers on truly unlimited plans, while other customers can get the service for $4 a month. Just as well, it’s open to the public for $5 a month, and will be available on all major app stores tonight, with T-Mobile’s special offers kicking in on Monday.

TMO1-1149_Baracuda_ALL_R13_RhapsodyBlade_17-3It seems our new “Data Strong” carrier won’t stop either. At the end of the event, Legere, who cleverly avoided answering questions about the rumored Sprint merger, gave us a glimpse at UnCarrier 7.0 which is slated for late summer. What could it possibly be, and just how far can they continue with this momentum?

For full details on the announcements made today, feel free to visit the T-Mobile Newsroom.

Looking to sign up for a test drive of the nations fastest 4GLTE network? Pre-Register here for the free trial!

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