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You may have caught our post the other day about #LumiaShootOut where correctly predicting the outcomes of the matches taking place at Brazil 2014 World Cup can win you a Lumia 1520 if you top the Leader Board with Lumia 1320’s and Nokia X’s also up for grabs if you make the top 10, and Tee shirts for positions 11-100.

But, how do you actually take part and play #LumiaShootOut? Firstly you need to download the Sporting Mouth app from the Windows Phone Store. Then take a look at the video below, which is also up on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions and make sure you Subscribe so as not to miss any of our future videos.

And finally Good Luck if you take part, hope you do better than I have been, so far only got two of the 5 outcomes I predicted correct, but there are still a lot of games to be played, so even if you haven’t registered yet you still have a chance to make the top 100 and even win it.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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  1. I’m sorry Chris but this game isn’t worth playing, look at the leaderboard, how can someone have over 1000 points. This has been hacked. Nobody should have more than what 12? 16?

    • Hi, sorry not to respond before. The leaderboard appears to have been taken down, at least temporarily, and I noticed none of the points had been updated for the last few days, so perhaps something like hacking has taken place.
      A shame if so, but something has to be done if cheating is going on.

      • Yeah, lets hope we get a proper leaderboard, which is actually correct. If the competition is just between me & the luminary then hopefully all will correct itself. (when I say ‘me’ I mean the individual v the luminary & not two million of my closest mates!) I’ve started playing again today, so not missed too many games… What about Italy v Costa Rica??

      • Great result for Costa Rica!
        Interestingly, the leaderboard now shows certain users with multiple entries, which may indicate some cheating. But at least it has been updated. I’m now down to 92.

  2. Okay so I excepted the six point challenge & also made my own challenge to The Luminary regarding the Belgium match too, is that Okay? Both challenges have been excepted.

    • Yes I’m sure it is.
      Looking at the Leader board some people have over 120 points, which I can’t work out how they got so many.
      Good luck with your predictions, hope they do better than mine.

      • But the world cup has just started? How can they have that many points? They must be making multiple predictions. Is that allowed?

      • I’m not sure, a bit unsporting if it is. I may leave a comment on Nokia’s Facebook page asking about it.

      • There are arroud 300 players, i think those guys hacked the app, or they sent a challenge to at least 200 players per game (i dont think u can do that because the half of the players appears to be inactive and the Hindus are really selfish). Maybe at the end of the game they ban the abnormal scores. I’ve been playing since first match and i only have 80 points, the las prize is like 80 points over me so there’s no a big hope, but i still play, if someone get banned at the end of the game i could chase something, U should do the same 😀

      • I’m not playing, it’s stupid, the competition doesn’t seem to be run by anyone. I think if you have 80 points that’s still a lot if each game is worth only 3 or 6 points. Also I don’t even know if the game is valid in the UK nobody has said.

      • No, you can get more points per game, You win 1 point for each player who accept your challenge and you can challenge as many players as you can(that doesn’t mean that Avery one is gonna accept your challenge) so in theory you should be able of get arround 300 points per match and if you see the average score you should be in the top 100 whith 4 or 5 games and some challenges to random people(you can see their nicknames in the score board so you can challenge everyone playing)… So… If you don’t care you could give it a try, the contest is international if your country laws don’t forbid it, and I don’t think you can’t play in UK, most of the people playing seem to be from India and china? Don’t know exactly where they are from, I assume that based on their names…:D

      • The competition is only between me or you & the luminary not me you & everyone in my country. Just an individual playing the luminary. That’s all. The competition has been hacked & isn’t worth playing now. People are confused as to the rules, & have cheated. In my opinion this competition should be withdrawn.

      • ok man, take it easy 😀 The competition is between U and the rest of the players included the luminary, it’s just tha the luminary gives U 3 point each game or 6 in the ‘hard-to-predict’ games, the other people will give U only 1 point if U beat them… Any way the game seems to be stopped, maybe they saw the hack or maybe it’s just because some technical issue, I don’t know, but the points are frozen since yesterday and they are not counting even the points against the luminary. But i’s clear, U don’t wanna play at this point, so it’s ok and my intention wasn’t to make U angry, so stay cool and just enjoy the World Cup 😀

      • Hi, yes I noticed points haven’t been updated for a while and the leader board has been taken down, hope it comes back, I was about 30th (and had been playing fairly).

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