T-MobileUS To Host UnCarrier 5.0 Next Month

uncarrier-event-tmobileT-Mobile has been working hard to shake up the mobile network industry for the past year. After the failed acquisition with AT&T, the company used the money and spectrum it got as a way to bounce back from years of losing customers. So far, their “UnCarrier” strategy has been working, with T-Mobile adding 4.4 million customers last year, becoming the fastest growing carrier in 2013, and recently overcoming Sprint as the 3rd largest smartphone buyer in the US. Now we have word that the company is still looking to shake things up even more with the new UnCarrier 5.0 event scheduled for next month.

0326-john-legere-620x413They launched the first Uncarrier event in March of last year, announcing that they were getting rid of contracts and introducing a new Simple Choice Plan with lower rates for data. Uncarrier 2.0 was all about the new JUMP! program, allowing customers to upgrade their phone whenever they wanted (initially every 6 months, but was later changed with the prerequisite of having paid of at least half the cost of the current device). Uncarrier 3.0 brought (basically) free international roaming, along with $0 down and 200mb of free data for their tablets. Uncarrier 4.0 was a biggie, with T-Mobile announcing that they were paying customer Early Termination Fees for those looking to make the switch from another carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint), up to $650 per line when one trades in current devices. This was followed up by a series of UnCarrier 4.5 events, focusing on tablets, new simpler plans, and overage fees.

As for UnCarrier 5.0, we are given some kind of hint as to what they’re planning, and we’re usually good at guessing what CEO John Legere has up his sleeve, but this time around things seem a little more elusive. The invite simply states “We don’t play it safe and sound.” Could this be alluding to the VoLTE service that’s being rolled out? Who knows, but with this event coming at the heels of serious merger talks with Sprint, we could be in for an interesting year for the Magenta carrier.

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