Lumia Stories Are Starting To be Heard


You may remember back in November Nokia Conversations invited people to tell their stories, from ages 1 to 100 using the Lumia 1520.

Well we are now starting to hear some of those stories being told.

Millions of amazing stories are being told every day. In a bid to share some of these exciting and emotional stories, we set out on a mission to recruit 100 people, aged between one and 100 years old, from around the world, arming them with a Lumia 1520 to help capture and share their amazing lives, adventures, memories and history.

As part of the Lumia Stories Experiment, which looks at how people from every generation view technology, we received thousands of rousing submissions to take part.

We are now proud to reveal every story through an exclusive digital hub, where you’ll find life experiences full of emotion, bravery and reinvention.

So far three stories have been put onto Nokia’s YouTube channel, which you can see below, Bryan, 29, Joe, 40 and Don who is 91.

Conversations also say they are still wanting to hear the story of someone born in 1916, anyone who thinks they have a story to tell of someone from that year can apply HERE

Source: Nokia Conversations

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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