Portable Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DC-50 Review

WP_20140505_09_33_46_ProI was quite stoked when I found out that the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DC-50 was available through local channels in the USA.  Verizon Wireless has been carrying this portable Qi induction wireless charging device for a few weeks now and they have sent us one for review.

The DC-50 is available in white or red ($79.99 MSRP) and you can use a microUSB cable or another Qi wireless charging plate (DT-900 or JBL PowerUp). MicroUSB cable, wall charger, and quick reference manual are included in the packaging.

Here’s my DC-50 unboxing video I made in Boston: Design

I find the DC-50 quite portable and not too heavy to carry around with me in my backpack or even my pocket.  It has nice rounded edges and next to microUSB port you will the battery level indicator and button.  Simply pressing the button will show how much juice you have left. On the other end of the charging plate you have a charging light indicator that is not too distracting. I indicated in my video that the battery capacity is 2500 mAh but it is actually 2400 mAh.  It does not fully charge the Lumia Icon which has a 3000 mAh battery but it gives a great boast to the battery while on the go.


I took the DC-50 with me to the Microsoft Mobile #TeamLumia experience in Boston and absolutely loved it.  I didn’t have to search or fight with other passengers in the airport for an electric outlet to plug in my charger to charge up my device(s).  I simply placed the charging plate on top of my carry on and layer the Lumia Icon on top of it and immediately I heard the charging sound. WP_20140505_09_39_58_ProI showed a few people in the group the greatness of wireless charging on the Lumia Icon and a few have shown interest in getting this portable charging plate.  You will also be able to charge your non Nokia Qi Wireless capable devices like the Nexus 5, Nexus 7 with the DC-50. Another great thing I like about the DC-50 is that you can leave the DC-50 on top of your charging plate and it will charge up the DC-50.  It will even charge the DC-50 and  your wireless charging device.  I didn’t believe it until I place the Lumia Icon on top of the DC-50, which was charging wirelessly on top of my JBL PowerUp speakers.WP_20140502_23_44_16_Pro I am used to carrying wired battery pack with me and charge on the go by plugging in the device. You will probably need to use a rubber band to secure the device and the charging plate in order for it to charge on the go if you are not leaving it on a flat surface.

You can see the DC-50 in action below: With that said, I would definitely recommend buying DC-50 if you travel a lot for business or use it as a cordless charging solution at work. I believe Microsoft Mobile and Verizon did a great job by setting the MSRP at $79.99. Prior to that, I noticed some online retailers selling it for $100 or more.

I took a picture of the DC-50 in retail box and it is able charge the Lumia Icon through two layers of plastic (packaging and Incipio Feather case) wirelessly. WP_20140519_00_56_43_ProLet us know if you have any questions of the DC-50 by leaving a comment below or you can send me a note via twitter (@jjklee) or any of the other Nokia Innovation team members.

I would like to thank Verizon for letting us the DC-50 review unit.

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  1. It functions like a normal charger, charging your device while plugged in via the micro usb cable…?

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