Two Nokia Qi wireless charging ‘smart’ accessories now available at Verizon online store

DC-50Verizon and Nokia/Microsoft announced last week the availability of two Qi wireless charging accessories to complement the stunning Verizon exclusive 5″ 1080p Lumia ICONLumia 928 or any smart device with built in Qi wireless charging capabilities.CR-200 CR200 is a wireless charging cradle/car holder for your car that allows you to charge your Qi enabled smartphone without using a cable by simply placing the device onto the cradle.  What is cool about the CR200 is that there’s a USB port that allows you to attach a USB cable to charge an additional device simultaneously without blowing the fuse.  I have been using the CR200 for a while now and love how you can switch from landscape to portrait mode with one motion.  In the packaging there’s a disk that you can either stick onto your windshield or dashboard and it doesn’t leave a sticky mess or ring on your windshield when you remove the cradle.  One more cool feature is that there is NFC area on the bottom of the cradle and by placing your NFC enabled device near it, it will open the Nokia Car app.  I use the Incipio feather case on my Lumia ICON and do not need to remove the case in order for the wireless charging to work.  The cradle is a universal device holder and can be easily adjusted by tightening two arms. White DC-50Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DC-50, not to be confused with the Dyson DC50 animal upright compact vacuum cleaner, was announced during last year’s Nokia World. Here’s a video made by Lenny during last year’s Nokia World when the DC-50 was announced. The difference between the DC-50 and the DT-900 is that the former has built in 2400 mAh non removable battery and the latter must be plugged into the electrical outlet while in use.  Another advantage is that the DC-50 has a micro USB charging connector and the DT-900 uses a proprietary charging pin.  It comes in red or white and you will be able to charge it by using micro USB cable or even by simply placing it onto another wireless charger like the DT-900. Both the DC50 and CR200 are available now via for $79.99 each (with free shipping) and in a few weeks it should be available in your local Verizon Wireless stores.  I was looking for the DC-50 at an online retailer and the UK version retails for over $100.  The CR-200 cost around $120 at a reputable online retailer.  I can’t wait to get the DC-50 review unit in this or  next week and look forward to report back on it.

Are you looking to get either or both Qi wireless charging accessories by Nokia?

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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  1. Yes.. Just got the charging plate and love it! I was a little doubtful at first but it is So much more convenient than fiddling with wire connections. Awesome!

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