Image of the Nokia Lumia 930 shows up ahead of Nokia #moreLumia Event

Once again from the very reputable leak source @evleaks

Nokia Lumia 930 evleaksThat’s right.. The missing piece of the puzzle.. The image of the Nokia Lumia 930.. Which was also rumored to be the VZW’s LumiaIcon International version.

Just couple of weeks ago @evleaks announced that there are two more Lumia phones to be announced. One of em that he gave detailed info was the Lumia 630. You can click Here to find more details about the device.

Notable rumored features about the Lumia 630 is one of the first Lumia phones to ship with the new upcoming Window Phone OS Update 8.1

Well since Microsoft has confirmed that all Windows Phone 8 devices will get the 8.1 update. We are assuming the Lumia 930 will ship with the 8.1 OS as well.

Also another notable change on the Lumia 630 are the on screen home, back, and search button keys. Looking at the photo of the Lumia 930, we do not think it will make the transition to on screen button.

My thoughts on the Lumia 930:

I’m really excited and happy about this phone. If it is the International version of the VZW LumiaIcon which I played with at the launch. There is nothing to unlike about this phone. The size, the built quality, the speed and of course the camera. Sooner or later we will eventually see an AT&T version to follow. (crossing my fingers). Why not? We have seen the T-Mobile Lumia 925 jump ship to AT&T. Wishing it would do the same for the Lumia 930.

Also worth noting are the new added colors orange and the green.

I kind of like the Orange. What’s yours?

What are your thoughts about the Lumia 930? Let us know.. Also we will be live at the #moreLumia event.If you have any questions or any coverage request you can tweet us at @nokiainnovation. Click Here for more details about the event.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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