KWP: Windows Phone Market Share Dips Below 10% In EU, But Grows YoY


Kantar World Panel have released their numbers covering the three months up to the end of February, which shows Windows Phone losing market share in Europe, dropping below 10% in EU5 which covers the big five European markets. However, it is not surprising to see a slow down in the run up to a new cycle of Windows Phone 8.1 devices from Nokia (and other OEM’s).

Year on Year figures see growth in all markets except China and Japan, the largest in Italy (4.2 percentage points), Spain (3.9) and EU5 and GB (3.4). Comparing these numbers to the last month (covering the three months up to the end of January 2014) Germany are up 1.2 points, USA and China both up 0.3 and Japan up 0.2 have seen growth in Windows Phone market share. You can view our coverage of last month’s KWP report HERE.

It will be interesting to see Windows Phone market share after Nokia’s new devices have been on sale for a few months.

Source Kantar World Panel

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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