Microsoft To Finalise Nokia Aquisition Within 20 Days



Microsoft’s $7.2 Billion acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services division could be completed in the next 20 days, after Nokia made some progress in their tax disputes in India.

According to a post in the deal, which is scheduled to be finished in the first quarter of 2014 is about to be completed. The deal has been approved by Nokia Shareholders and received regulatory approval in most major markets, but China, India and Korea had been slowing things down a bit. These roadblocks appear to be about to pass meaning on going production of Nokia’s smartphones and feature phones will soon be done under Microsoft ownership.

Nokia’s outgoing CEO Stephen Elop will head Microsoft’s Devices and Studios Division, meaning he will oversee the Windows Phone team, including the staff coming in from Nokia, as well as Xbox One and Surface production.

Source LiveSide