Nokia X : Quick Hands On

Want to taste a scoop of AshaWindroid? Nokia X series is what you will have to hit upon. Heedless to the Microsoft deal, Nokia had announced its X series.



A couple of days before, Chris Wright our lead writer at Nokia Innovation had posted a 40 Seconds video of my hands on Nokia X! Normandy, being the “skeleton in the cupboard” for a long time as we all know, is ultimately the Nokia X and we all have to express thanks to the Secret Spoiler Evleaks. Even before its launch at the MWC 2014, we all knew almost all about the device however there were few things that weren’t clear and I had a chance to clear things up!



Here is my opinion about the Nokia X.

  1. The second I looked at the Nokia X, it actually appeared like the Nokia Asha 501. It was weightless, very robust and inciting device to play with!
  2. Next I noticed, was the Android screen. It was the same old Android UI with multi home screen and then I realized that isn’t how it should be. The person then explained that he had side loaded the “Speed-Launcher” App. So yes, you can side load any Android App. Don’t try high end games, it won’t work. The slide down on the screen was very similar to the Nokia Asha 501.
  3. The Nokia X has a quality make but it may appear like a soap box to some. This device is crafted to perfection and has a removable panel.
  4. The original UI has a pinch of Asha Fast Lane and Windows Metro UI and since it runs android, I named it “AshaWindroid”!
  5. I noticed the volume rocker and the power button on the right and nothing on the left side. The 3.5mm jack was on the top and Micro USB at the bottom.
  6. This has a 3.15 MP Main camera but it neither had flash light nor the secondary Cam.
  7. It had the signature Nokia makings like the Nokia Mix Radio, Glance screen, Nokia Store, HERE Maps and so on. The mobile that I demoed had more of Android Apps. I also found the BBM, Opera, Plants vs Zombies 2 and the other obvious Android Apps.
  8. I tried playing this game called “Danger Dash” that requires least graphics but I found that to be a little laggy.
  9. This User Interface is customizable and you could side load any launcher. WP 8 Launcher can also be applied.
  10. Double tapping the arrow will close the applications.
  11. The Nokia X along with the Nokia Lumia 525 has stolen the 520’s loot sales”, the salesperson said.


On the whole, this little device is the bridge for the “Bored of Android” users to get familiar with the Windows Phone UI. Though this phone could play so many Android Apps, don’t forget to keep in mind that this device is a very basic “AshaWinDroid” and this justifies the uncommon remorseful things on the X! This is of course beautifully designed and one of the most affordable Nokia Smart Phone now on market. This phone actually doesn’t require fluency to work on and that’s the major highlight of the device. That’s all I noted in 3 minutes! I told you, this device is not at all hard. If you know nothing about this phone and given this phone, you may notice more than what I did in just 3 minutes!


This phone has so many goodies for a very less price!  It would be better if Nokia launches a comparatively better loaded X series and that would be the best Kit-Kat I ever tasted!

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Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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