Nokia Win Two PC Mag Readers Choice Awards


Nokia’s Lumia smartphones have won two PCMag readers choice awards, receiving the best satisfaction scores by users on AT&T, and level best on Verizon.

The survey, done every year by the tech website scored Nokia Smartphones 8.9 out of 10 by AT&T users, just beating Apple’s iOS which got 8.8, with Samsung Android devices which managed 8.6 in third. While Verizon users scored Samsung, Nokia and Apple devices equally at 8.6 out of 10.


Users on other carriers in the USA didn’t score Nokia so highly, perhaps due to Lumia flagships traditionally ending up on either AT&T or Verizon. T-Mobile customers put Nokia 4th with a score of 8.2, while not even appearing in Sprint’s satisfaction survey.

Windows Phone as a platform (which is pretty much totally Nokia dominated at the moment) also did well in the survey. In Mobile Platform’s Overall Score Windows Phone came second scoring 8.6, just 0.1 behind iOS while Android trailled in third with 8.3. Despite this score PCMag decided to split the overall Readers Choice Award between iOS and Android. The reason?

You’re probably wondering why Windows Phone gets a higher overall score, but not the Readers’ Choice award. In past years, we based our mobile operating system Readers’ Choice on the overall satisfaction ratings with the smartphones that ran the operating system. That’s an important gauge of OS satisfaction, but this year we added a question to our survey, directly asking our respondents if they would recommend their mobile phone’s OS to a friend or colleague looking to purchase a smartphone. We gave it a lot of weight in picking winners for this category, knowing how seriously people take their OS. Android had the highest likelihood to recommend rating 8.9 on a scale from 0 (extremely unlikely) to 10 (extremely likely). Apple’s iOS was right behind with an average recommendation rating of 8.8. Based on that alone, we gave both a Readers’ Choice.


So it all came down to the “App Gap” misconception. Ah well, Microsoft and Nokia have been working hard to fix the perceived lack of apps on Windows Phone. But I guess it just needs to keep on keeping on! PCMag do point out that Windows Phone have won the Overall Award for the last two years.

Below is the results table for individual features which see’s Windows Phone coming out on top in Text Messaging, Email and Web Browser.


Read more about PCMag’s Reader Survey HERE

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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