Delta Upgrading To Lumia 1520’s For Point Of Sales Solution


Delta airline flight attendants will be upgrading there Nokia Lumia 820’s for the Larger Nokia Lumia 1520 for point of sales solutions. During its Convergence conference, Delta showed off its custom application running on Lumia phones. Darrell Haskin, the director of IT for Delta said, Using the smartphones, or “phablets,” as smartphones that exceed six-inches in screen size are sometimes called, flight attendants can also sell seat upgrades available on the flight.


The Lumia 820 was  used for taking In Flight Food Orders, but now with the larger screen real estate flight attendants can sell seat upgrades also. Mobile devices used by Delta are connected to Ku-band satellite Internet provided by Gogo Inc. a secure WiFi network which means the credit card payments, accepted via a phone attachment, can now be checked in real-time instead of after a flight touches down.

The fact that Delta is continuing to use WP as there solution means that they have been pretty satisfied, which is always a good sign.

Via: itbusiness.cai


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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