Details on Action Center for WP8.1


More leaks about Windows Phone 8.1 have come out, this time about Action Center, the new Notification center coming with the platform update due to be announced in April.

Action Center will feature 4 customizable toggle switches, like we saw with Symbian Belle’s pull down menu meaning you will no longer need to go through the Settings menu to switch off and on things like Mobile Data and WiFi. Notifications such as missed calls, new emails and toast notifications will be stored in the Action Center and apps will also be able to manage notifications.

A list of Consumer Features has been compiled on WPCentral, and reads as follows:

• 20 Notifications per app
• Persistent notifications for 7 days (or shorter)
• Users can “chase” (tap) a notification
• Users can remove a notification
• Users can remove a group of notifications
• Users can remove all notifications
• Action Center is only available on phones

We also get a list of API’s for Action Center Management:

• Manage app notifications
• Developers can remove one or many notifications
• Developers can tag and group notifications
• Developers can replace a notification with a new one
• Developers can set an expiration on notifications
• Developers can send “Ghost Toast” notifications

One interesting item in the list is the Ghost Toast, where toasts which are not so urgent will no longer be as big a distraction. For example, a “Like” on Instagram or Facebook will not wake up the screen.

Microsoft will be hosting their Build Conference in April, and these features as well as some which have probably been kept quiet, will be announced.

Source WPCentral

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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