Facebook Messenger is now available on Windows Phone and its Horrible

FB messengerYou heard that right.. The Official Facebook Messenger App is finally available on your Windows Phone device as reported by our Editor in Chief Lenny. Click Here for more details.

Facebook Messenger is no stranger to Windows Phone. Matter of fact is Facebook Messenger is one of the integrated featured service on Windows Phones OS. I can’t say its an awesome experience as I constantly get disconnected. (Just my experience FYI) Maybe a lot of users too as they once again revamped the Official Facebook app with a built in Chat “aka” Facebook Messenger. Its a decent app in my experience, even though now I get two notifications from the built FB Messenger and from the app itself. (The built in FB messenger on the OS can be turned off by the way.)

Still not satisfied..? How about we make a Facebook Messenger App.

Me thinking.. Hmmnnn.. Here is to hoping this App will be awesome than the one on iOS and Android.. Excited! Excited! Crossing my fingers.

The day has come.. FB Messenger App has officially arrived at the Store! Woohoo..


I installed the App on my Nokia Lumia 925.. Immediate reaction was Cool.. Looks decent and familiar.

Not until I started getting message notifications!! I was literally getting annoyed!! I was getting multiple notifications. I was getting notifications from the Built in FB messenger, the FB App, and the FB messenger App. What the hell!!? Had to turn off notifications on the FB App and turn off FB built in messenger.

More Rant about this App..

Ok.. What I like about Facebook Messenger on Desktop, Macs, and iOS is the ability to make voice calls to your FB friends.

So I was expecting it would be the same or even better on FB Messenger App for WP since it was late in the game.

Once again we got screwed over! The app does not even have the ability to do Facebook Audio Calls! So pathetic..

Also one more thing I didn’t like about the app was it does not give you an option to go back to the Facebook App. You have to literally close the app and reopen Facebook. If you click a name on the FB Messenger app it would open up the FB on your mobile browser.

Anyways.. That’s all for now.. What do you guys think of the FB Messenger App? Are you as disappointed as me?

UPDATED: 3/6/2014

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignorehttp://www.OneTechStop.net
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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  1. fb messenger has no voice call option no video call option available in wp kindly plz update while android is giving all option in messenger plz update

  2. just purchased windows phone . nokia phone looked good. need for facebook voice calls to family abroad which I make with IOS and Android phones currrently.Didnt think to ask store about this as obviously a windows phone would have the same features as android versions.???. What a joke. no voice calling. Do nokia and microsoft not have the budget for programmers? really pathetic. Skype… also crap windows skype app then have to link to skyp account what the f??? Audio so quiet almost unusable , video rubbish. Phone going back tomorrow. Dear nokia. good idea to give a phone to someone to actually use it before making it.

  3. Used it for a while but later I could not open messenger showing no error, simply not opening it..hoping reinstall might do the job. still not solving my problem..what would be the reason behind? Any ideas

  4. What I love about the integrated facebook messaging (before the official app) is that while I’m driving and have my Lumia 1020 paired with my car stereo I can receive and answer and even send messages to my facebook contact just with the voice. Texting and driving… NO… I have WP8 and it’s great. So this Facebook Message Official App cannot do that so I don’t like it at all. I don’t need to send f***ing stickers.

  5. Just wanted to Update you guys. There is no Video Chat on iOS and Android. I just want to be fair by saying that. Really wished they added video chat though since you can do it on PC and OSX and its being provided by Skype and like I said Skype being owned by Microsoft.

    One thing the FB Messenger App for WP didn’t have though was able to place Voice Calls.

    This I can confirm and double checked twice on both device iOS and WP.

  6. I wonder if they roped in the team that does the Skype Windows Phone App.

    Because that thing is a pathetic waste of time also, with a grand total of TWO useless ‘options’ in it’s Settings and features from Skype on other platforms not even present. Sheesh.

  7. Good one Erick! Have the same problems ..it is disabling the windows notification and the toast notification of the FB app. Annoying!!

  8. Really hope this doesn’t signify the the end of FB chat integration in the Messages App, that is such a cool feature.
    I get your point about having too many notifications for the same message, and I’m also disappointed that it doesn’t include Video Chat. Lets hope that comes soon.

  9. Turn off notifications in all the other services. Duh… did you think they would turn themselves off? Video chat would be nice, but I’m not shocked it’s missing in the first release. WP always gets everything late, but it’s far from horrible. I’m enjoying it.

    • I expected more from the App Mike.. I mean its late in the game.. iOS and Android had there FB Messenger app for quite some time now. I thought it would be far better since Skype being owned by Skype. With this app now. I just don’t see its purpose.. We already have the capability since WP7.

      • It’s obvious that Facebook still doesn’t care about Windows like they do the other operating systems. That’s how the entire industry is right now. It’s a Microsoft problem and I hope the market share grows. But don’t expect the best things on this OS until more phones are sold.

        I use it now because it includes group chat. I wish I can pin individual conversations to the start screen. That would be killer.

      • Are you new to WP8? I’m at 1 year and a half month with my Lumia 920 now and I’ve been used to the way developers release apps for WP8. It’s always incomplete or in beta. It’s usually a week or a month before they release the whole thing. Be patient. Do not WP’s version to their iOS and Android counterpart. Majority of WP8 users are actually happy with the app.

      • I can’t say I’m new to WP.. My first WP was the HTC Titan.. Long before Nokia even had Lumias. I’m just saying.. If WP is playing catchup to other OS they should at least have their new app superior to other OS. Raise the standard. Heck they can’t even put Skype which they own on FB Messenger.

        If you find this acceptable.. This is just sad..

  10. Well…aside from the lack of video call and the annoying multiple notifications, people just really used the messenger app for one thing….to chat with friends and not bother with the whole Facebook environment. Just simple chat service. So far so good it hasn’t failed me with doing just that.

    • We already have that experience since Windows Phone 7. FB Messenger Integration to the Messaging. I was expecting more.. But again its my opinion.

      • Facebook released this app for future updates. Updating would be much easier on their side and more convenient on our side as users as we don’t have to update the whole OS for just one little update on the integrated facebook messenger. It’s up to you anyway which one will you stick with.

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