Don’t worry we are HERE on “X”!

Nokia X series has already got several Microsoft goodies like Skype, OneDrive and Outlook. Now, HERE Maps links up with its relatives on the all new X series! The Nokia Conversation team managed a one-to-one with the HERE Maps team to know about their Mapping experience and they specified that the Nokia’s HERE business was charged with creating the new location and navigation app for the Nokia X family. Furthermore, they added that they had to work from scratch and in a time-frame of less than twelve months! Niko van Eeghen, the product manager of HERE Maps for Nokia X added


 “We’ve managed to pull off a hell of a release. We’d say that, though it says it’s version 1.0, it’s more like a version 2.0 release in terms of functionality and polish.”

On the other hand, Niko’s colleague Jens Klaus disclosed said

“For Nokia X, we have brought the HERE Maps experience, with regular search, nearby search, and points of interest. We also have routing functionality for cars, pedestrians and transit. And there’s the in-car experience with voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation. Customers will be really surprised at the performance of HERE Maps on the Nokia X family. Compared to mapping and navigation solutions that draw their maps from online, it’s amazingly fast, because we store our maps offline.”

He also added that this app provides online/offline functionality for nearly 200 countries and Navigation available for 98 countries. HERE Maps will be pre-loaded on the Nokia “X” series however the team decided not to preload the local country maps since, this would give the user’s their own pick on the region, locale and the storage preference to install the map.


This app integrates with the device’s Fast Lane UI that would show apps, which were recently launched. This way, you could find your recent location and other details from the Fast lane UI itself, instead of going all the way to the App on the menu. It would be easier if the map is pinned at the home screen. This would save you few touches. 😉

This App also syncs with the contacts making it easier to save your contact’s location.

This was not the only job for Niko and his team. They also had to influence location services on other apps creating an API to allow developers to tap into HERE services for their own functionality.

“When you share your location in WeChat, for example,” Niko explains, “the app uses our APIs to establish your location and our maps are shown when you share that location.

He concluded the colloquy after he conveyed this “It’s our ambition to provide a great experience for all mobile phone users” We sure have a great support “HERE” with passion!

Source – Nokia Conversations


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