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The opening day of the MWC was filled with revelations. Nokia introduced couple of application and few devices to the Nokia Family. Martyn from our team was reporting to us directly from the event and here is the Q&A that was asked to Elop shortly after the meeting had winded up.

  • Microsoft delivered pushed price points down, so why X?

Answer: X family will compliment Lumia bottom end with some overlap to introduce new users to the ecosystem

  • Does Nokia X have unlocked boot loader?

Answer: Standard platform with Nokia APIs loaded over the top.

  • Will Nokia X get MS Office?

Answer: We are currently expanding applications across platforms. No guarantee of Office as yet.

  • Is Android there to tempt developers?

Answer: Development of Windows Phone is growing exponentially. Android will add to this. Developers can then be persuaded to develop across all platforms.

  • Can we Side load Apps?

Answer: Any standard Android Application can be installed. Standard Google APIs have been replaced with Nokia APIs. Some changes may be needed if Google APIs is needed.

  • 3 years ago you quoted Symbian as the “Burning Platform”. Is WP now a burning platform?

Answer: We are just expanding the strategy, but not replacing OS. Windows phone is the fastest growing ecosystem which differentiates from other OS.

  • Can we Side load custom launcher on Nokia “X” family?

Answer: Any standard Android APK file can be side loaded.

  • When will next pureview be announced?

Answer: No announcement today. Imaging is important and a lot of exciting work is being worked on.

As Elop has stated, Nokia will continue to focus primarily on Lumia smart phones, integrating the upper technologies with the lower end Lumia devices. Nokia X will compete with other lower end Android devices. This has unique Fast Lane and Live Tiles user Experience. An affordable Nokia device now has internet features on them allowing people to stay in touch with their families and friend on the social Network. Asha will continue to develop and hopefully this will include more exciting features for a lower price. Henceforward, there will be 4 different families now at Nokia.

  • Affordable Mobile devices like Nokia 220
  • Nokia Asha
  • Nokia X
  • Nokia Lumia

Stay Tuned for more updates.



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