Nokia press conference highlights – MWC 2014


Opening day of the MWC 2014 has been electrifying with the Nokia Press conference. Nokia has launched a new series of devices and couple of WP apps. Here are the highlights of the event.


  • BBM
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Food Panda
  • Imaging SDK 1.1
    • Enhanced Performance
    • Reframing
    • Will be available for the developers immediately


  • Nokia 220
    • 29 Euros
    • 2.4”inch display
    • Preloaded Twitter and Facebook
    • Bing Search is integrated
    • Available in single and Dual Sim
    • 1 Month Battery Backup (Standby)
    • 51hrs of Music Playback
    • 2G Internet


  • Nokia Asha 230
    • Most affordable full touch Asha phone
    • Costs 45 Euro
    • Will go on sales immediately
    • Includes Fast Lane
    • Double tap to wake
    • Asha Motion (to personalize your home screen)
    • S/W update will be available on April
    • MS One Drive
    • Fast Lanes Advances and additional apps
      • Free Mix Radio
      • Here Map
  • Nokia X
    • 89 Euro
    • Android Applications
    • Has MS Services
    • Mono Body Design
    • 4” display
    • Dual SIM


  • Nokia X+
    • Euro 99
    • Expandable Memory
    • Fast Lane UI (User experience)
    • Loads of inbuilt apps.
      • Mix Radio
      • Here Maps
      • Skype
    • This has MS Cloud not google’s Cloud
    • Glance Screen
    • Lock Screen –> Swipe to Unlock
    • Have tiles like Lumia and Fast lane UI like the Asha Device
    • We can resize the tile
    • We can create a folder and personalize the home screen
    • User experience is very smooth with the fast Lane
    • Control the elements on the fast lanes
    • Nokia Store is present
    • Has link to Yandex Store (Popular Store in Russia)
    • This is a great opportunity for the developers.


  • Nokia XL
    • 109 Euros
    • 5” IPS WVGA Display
    • 5MP Cam with LED Flash
    • 2MP front facing Cam
    • Offline Maps
    • One Month free subscription for Skype
    • 10GB of One Drive space
    • People have access to 3rd party stores to download apps

There are now 4 different families now at Nokia however Nokia will continue to focus primarily on Lumia Devices. Nokia X will compete with other lower end Android devices. This has unique Fast Lane and Live Tiles user Experience and affordable Nokia devices now has internet features on them allowing people to stay in touch with their families and friend on the social Network. Asha will continue to develop and hopefully this will include more exciting features for a lower price.

  • Affordable Mobile devices like Nokia 220
  • Asha
  • Nokia X Family
  • Lumia

Nokia has introduced new addition to Nokia Family which is the Nokia X series. This has unique and faster UI and runs on forked Android that has Microsoft’s Services instead of Google’s.  While on the other hand, Nokia Lumia 520 being the top seller between the 50 to 120 Euro Price tag, Nokia will continue to focus primarily on Lumia smart phones, integrating the upper technologies with the lower end Lumia devices.


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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