Nokia Lumia “ICON” is on its way to hit the Ho(Ve)rizon


The words on the street are now true! Nokia Lumia “ICON” is on its way to hit the Ho(Ve)rizon! Nokia has just announced yet another high-end smart phone which would be exclusive only for Verizon (US).

This is absolutely for people who were lamenting about the size of Nokia Lumia “Beastie” A.K.A 1520! Meet the new “ICON” from Nokia which features the same specifications as that of Lumia 1520 but it’s dimensions is just perfect!

The first awesomeness of this phone is its full HD 1080p screen! The metal finish embraces the spec that augments the beauty further.

The Nokia Lumia Icon features a skinny and a light frame that is enhanced with superior touches with the highest display pixels over 440. The new ICON surrounds an aluminum construction with ceramic keys. Even after packing a power house, this device weighs around 164 Grams (5.8 oz) and its dimensions are just ideal for any type of mobile users.

Talking about its camera, this ICON packs a 20MP rear camera which is crafted by the Nokia’s award-winning PureView technology and Zeiss optics. The wide-angle lens, single-finger 2x lossless zoom, Optical Image Stabilization, 20 Mega Pixels, PureView, Zeiss Optics and ofcourse the softwares makes this ICON a quintessential Camera. Also, with an aperture of f/2.4, Lumia Icon’s camera lets in more light for great photos in low-light settings. Here is run through about what an aperture is


The front facing camera contains 1.2 Mega Pixels embedded on a Gorilla Glass 3 Screen. No more words about the camera on this device.

The best element of this device would be its 4 directional Microphone which could record audio literally from all directions which means, you can record Video exactly how your Eyes and Ears accomplishes!  High-performance digital mics, noise reduction and those magical software algorithms are the key components that deliver matchless audio output as cited by the Nokia Conversations.

Couple of weeks back, Nokia had tested its ICON against the thunderous muscle cars racing down a Las Vegas track. Despite the reverberation and the thunder blasts, the audio and the video output is just beyond compare! Check out the video yourself to see how the device fared against the Roars and the rumbles!

Nokia ICON comes with a 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor with 2 gig of RAM. This has 32 GB of on-board storage and 7GB of free OneDrive (SkyDrive) cloud storage. This device will run on 2,420 mAh battery that supports built-in wireless charging. So no need to purchase an external case for charging your phone wirelessly!

The Nokia Lumia Icon will be available exclusively from Verizon in the U.S. for $199 starting February 20th 2014. But you can preorder now at the Microsoft Store. If you get one from Microsoft before March 16, you’ll get a free Nokia Wireless charger. This is only available in Black and White. This will be soon available on the Verizon store as well.



We all hope that this Lumia ICON get’s at large for all the users throughout the globe!

You can watch the unboxing of the Nokia Lumia “ICON” (929) below.




Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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