IDC: Windows Phone Growing “Nearly Double” the Rate Of Market


IDC have released their Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker data for quarter 4 2013 as well as the whole of 2013. While Windows Phone market share for the last quarter of 2013 is relatively low compared to Android and iOS at 3% and the whole year is only slightly better at 3.3% IDC note that Windows Phone “posted the largest increase for both the quarter (46.7%) and the year (90.9%)”.

IDC, who track figures for smartphone shipments recorded Windows Phone shipping 8.8 million devices in Q3 2013, and 33.4 million throughout 2013 with Nokia accounting for 89.3%. These are up against 2012 figures of 6 million in Q4 and 17.5 million throughout the year.

Windows Phone posted the largest increase for both the quarter (46.7%) and the year (90.9%), with each nearly doubling the growth of the overall market. Nokia easily led all vendors with 89.3% market share, a testament to its expanding portfolio that addressed entry-level all the way up to large-screen smartphones. What remains to be seen in 2014 is how Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s smart devices will propel volumes higher.

Looking at the other operating systems, Android managed a 226.1 million device shipments in Q4 2013 while iOS did 51 million. IDC makes a point how the two OSes, whose devises accounted for 93.8% of smartphone shipments last year have such opposing strategies. Ramon Llamas IDC’s Research Manager for Mobile Devices is quoted as saying:

“What stands out are the different routes Android and Apple took to meet this demand. Android relied on its long list of OEM partners, a broad and deep collection of devices, and price points that appealed to nearly every market segment. Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, relied on nearly the opposite approach: a limited selection of Apple-only devices, whose prices trended higher than most. Despite these differences, both platforms found a warm reception to their respective user experiences and selection of mobile applications.”

With that in mind it is interesting to see how Microsoft are using bits of both strategies with Windows Phone.

Blackberry have not performed at all well, which is probably not surprising. Their Q4 results for 2013 are down 77% from 7.4 million devices shipped a year ago to 1.7 million.

The chart below shows the average selling price of devices on each platform, with all decreasing against 2012 except, oddly enough, Blackberry.

Read the entire report by IDC by clicking HERE

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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